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About the Author

         Trimechia Jones, is from Aberdeen, Mississippi, a small country town. She is now a city girl following her passion.  With the perseverance to overcome any hindrance, she used this book as a platform to begin the journey of helping others.  Being misunderstood and living in the identity of false expectations, Jones deemed it necessary to take the mask off and unveil her true identity.

            Trimechia graduated from Kettering University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a Pre-Law Minor.  She also studied Intellectual Property & Litigation at Thomas Cooley School of Law. 

            Jones is an active member in her community, church and the Detroit public school system.  She works closely with teenage girls as both a coach and mentor. Her desire is to one day be a motivational speaker and share her testimony in order to spiritually free others.


Recent Book


What The Enemy TRIed

April 13, 2019

   It wasn’t until someone tried to “expose,” one young woman that she gained the courage to tell my story.  If nothing else, she understood throughout her pain that no one else had the right to tell her story, but her!  Her story isn’t the picture-perfect fairy tale; it is the unique event of circumstances that made her who she is today.  A survivor to say the least! 

   Throughout this short book you will read a series of situations that was meant to destroy her.  Yet, she overcame every obstacle and defeated the enemy on every level.  She is not perfect, nor is the book intended to make anyone feel less than. But it was written to show others that you are not defined by what happens to you-regardless of if it was inflicted upon you or self-inflicted.

   All in all, she aspires to restore hope to young individuals who feel trapped, defeated and completely hopeless.  She wants her testimony to be a voice for every person that has been silenced, every heart that has been broken and for every life that has been paralyzed by fear.  The enemy’s job is to kill, steal and destroy us; it is our job to remind him of our heavenly Father and His promises.